Restrict Tests to ACC Testing Centers

Faculty can now restrict Blackboard tests to be taken only at ACC Testing Centers. Over the summer, we implemented new technology that allows the instructor to select this option when deploying a test in Blackboard. Here is an overview of that process. When deploying a test, an instructor arrives at the Test Options page in Blackboard. ![Screenshot of the Test Options page]( Under the Test Availability section of this page, you will find the Restrict Location option. ![Screenshot of the Test Availability section of the test options page]( By default, this is set to No restrictions. This means the test can be taken anywhere by the student. Most tests deployed in Blackboard, have used this option previously. ![Screenshot of the Test Options page with the drop down menu options for Restrict Location]( If the test should be taken in a testing center, the instructor should click on the drop-down menu and select ACC Testing Centers which will only allow the student to take the test there. ![Screenshot of the Test Availibity section of the test options page with the Restrict Location changed to ACC Testing Centers]( Previously, instructors may have used Respondus Lockdown Browser to do this, however that browser will now be available for download and installation by all ACC students. This option is the only way we can ensure the test will be taken at an ACC Testing Center. To apply the restrict location change, click on Submit.
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